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Google opens AdSense to ad networks

With Google working to add revenue for its AdSense members, it has decided to open up its system to ad networks.

According to the Inside AdSense blog, members will have the ability to allow multiple Google-certified ad networks to compete for display ad space on their sites. With this change, ad networks can also bid in Google's auction to appear on AdSense sites. This new capability will help members generate the most profit for every ad that appears on their sites, whether the ads come from AdWords advertisers or Google-certified ad networks.

Google will be certifying all participating ad networks for adherence to its standards for user privacy, ad quality, and speed, and members will have control over which networks can show ads on their pages. The company says it will be slowly begin allowing ads from Google-certified ad networks to appear on AdSense pages over the coming months, so members won't see an immediate impact on ads or earnings.