Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

All pay per click beginners make the same mistake. They “discover” a very popular keyword on a very popular topic that gets thousands of searches… but only three Google campaigns! They can barely contain their excitement as they write their ads and put in their bid for six, seven, eight, or even ten cents a click. And low and behold, soon they start getting clicks – lots of them! They even make a few sales. Then a few more. And they breathe a sigh of relief when they see that their CTR (click through rate) is slightly above Google’s stated “acceptable” rate.

Until they get an email from Google’s Adwords Support, saying that their keyword is in danger of being disabled because the CTR isn’t high enough. It’s upsetting, it’s frustrating, and it may not even be fair or ethical. But Google, for reasons not entirely known, will sometimes require impossibly high clickthrough rates for certain keywords. Instead of a CTR of .5%, suddenly a CTR of 8%, 10% or even 15% isn’t good enough. Emails to support, begging for guidance or clarification, prove futile. Bye-bye keyword.

It’s dumb to try and salvage campaigns based on these keywords. You tweak your ads over and over, raise your bids, and waste days trying to divine Google’s required CTR. Experienced PPC advertisers know that it’s almost impossible to keep one of these campaigns alive once Google starts to raise the stakes. However, there’s a way you can grab a large amount of targeted traffic, if only for a limited time, by intentionally running these dumb campaigns. It won’t work for every niche, since these types of keywords aren’t common to all topics. And if you suddenly find yourself struggling with a campaign like this, pause it long enough to put this strategy in place.

Our Personal Guarantee to SEO's
Here is where we put our money where our mouth is. If you are not happy with the money you make from, invoice us for your time and/or PPC campaign costs. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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